This page give you a quick overview about a suggested order for your workspace sheets. Worksheets are individually configurable and can be changed as desired.

1.Step - Sheet: Image

The first sheet could contain an emotional image to get the attention of the audience:


2.Step - Sheet: Dashboard

With the help of the dashboard the audience will get a quick overview about the model. To build up a dashboard, you usally take one P&L grid and 2 or 3 charts of the model: 


3. Step - Sheet: Scenario Manager

The next step is to describe the scenario manager. It is important to explain the assumptions (activated assumptions), scenarios & descriptions:


4. Step - Sheet: Model Tree:

The model tree will be on the next sheet to explain the cause-effect-relationship of the model:



5. Step - Sheet: Charts and Bridges:

This Step 5 is about the story what the model should tell. Here you can add 4 to 5 sheets with 3 to 4 different charts (including Bridges; Usually with minimized Scenario Manager on each sheet → Activation for Story):