Save complex charts or tables as templates or simply copy common charts.


Sometimes, you will want to use the same charts multiple times within your workspace. To do this more quickly, you have two options - you can either copy a chart or save it as a template. 

If you click on the small settings button on the top right of a chart, a context menu opens. There you can choose different activities. If you click on move or copy, the shown menu opens. There, you can select whether you want to copy or move the tile and to which target sheet you want to copy or move the chart to.  This might come in handy if you want to use the same chart with specific configurations multiple times to compary slight modifications in the data - that way you don't always have to start from scratch.


If you have created more complex charts like an assumption bridge or a detailed P&L, you should consider saving them as a template. For this, again click on the small settings button on the top right of the chart to open the context menu. There, select save as template. You can then give your template a telling name. Then, once you want to use your template, simply click on the dropdown arrow on the chart button and you will see your templates at the bottom of the drop down menu. The newest template you have created will be at the bottom. Select a template to add it to your worksheet.