Valsight allows you to link/unlink attributes to desired levels of a dimension.

Given the case that you have a hierarchy/dimension (e.g. products) with several levels, e.g.



If you realize during your process that you want to add another information, e.g. to a productline value, you can link an attribute.

First step is to create a new dimension, containing the missing information.

You can link the missing information to a certain level (e.g. productfamily) by linking it as an attribute. Therefore choose 'Configure Hierarchie' in the dimension tab.

Let's say you want to expand the productfamily by the information of packaging, e.g. A to cardboard.

Now your dimension level is linked to the desired attribute (Products to Packaging).

But in our case both level values A and B are now linked to cardboard, because it's always referenced first. 

This means: to expand a certain level value by a certain information, you need to have the same input information available for all other level values.

To add the remaining information choose 'Download Excel' and for our example the following excel appears.

Now you type in the matching information for the other level values.

Afterwards you do 'Upload Excel' and import the changed excel sheet.

Now you extended a level of a dimension successfully. Your additional information is added to all the data in your project containing this level.