Learn about Interactive Guides, what they are, and how to use them.

Basic Overview

  • Interactive Guides are short click flows that help you understand Valsight

  • They are separated into steps and usually require your input to proceed to the next step

  • Interactive Guides are found in the light-bulb icon at the bottom end of the navigation bar

What is an Interactive Guide

Interactive Guides are short click flows that explain features, settings or general concepts of Valsight via a step-by-step approach. They guide you through different steps, explaining each one along the way to provide a more direct guidance for users.

Interactive Guides can help you understand Valsight components or features by employing a ‘show-don’t-tell' technique to explain how to work with Valsight. They can also guide users through specific examples of implementations or provide inspiration for more advanced users.

How to use Interactive Guides

Starting Interactive Guides

You can find all accessible Interactive Guides by clicking the light-bulb icon at the bottom of the navigation bar.

Doing so will open the assistant, which contains all available guides. They can be started and completed at any point in time and an unlimited number of times.

Some guides will start automatically when the necessary conditions are fulfilled. This will happen mainly with new users to ensure they have a sense of direction in Valsight, but might also occur when any user opens a Valsight page for the first time.

Completing Interactive Guides

Interactive Guides are divided into several steps which need to be completed before you can proceed to the next step.

Each step consists of an explanation and a required input. Read the explanation to get a better understanding of the Valsight part highlighted and perform the input afterwards to proceed.

Inputs can be a variety of actions but consist mostly of clicking an element or clicking the ‘Next’ button. For an in-depth overview of all possible inputs, please refer to the list below.

Step Type

Required Action

‘Next’ Step

Click the ‘Next’ button.

'Click' Step

Click the highlighted element.

‘Value Input’ Step

Enter a value into the marked field. Some Steps require a specific input, which will be shown below the explanation. You can also click the specified input to automatically fill it in.

‘Hover’ Steps

Hover your cursor above the highlighted element.

‘Double-Click’ Step

Double-click on the highlighted element.

‘Right-Click’ Step

Right-click the highlighted element.

Some Steps have special skip conditions that cause them to be automatically skipped, so you can start them from different places in Valsight and experience the relevant aspects of the click flow.


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