Basic Overview

In Valsight, everything is organized in Projects.

All data sources, Models and simulation Workspaces are sub-contents of Projects.

For each Project, you can decide on a name, an individual business key and also add a description within the first steps.

Step-by-Step Approach 


In the following paragraph, a step-by-step guide will lead you through the steps of creating a Project. This guide represents one option to add a new Project.

A second option to add a new Project is via the navigation bar settings > Projects > Create a new Project. 

  1. Adding a Project

  • In the first step, you find yourself on the home page of Valsight - the Project overview. Here, click on the "Add" button in the upper right corner. 

  1. Project Set-up

  • In the second step, you are asked to name your Project, enter a business key and optionally also add a description to it. 

  • More detailed information about the Project settings can be found here

  1. Project Time Settings

  • In the third step, you are asked to set the time settings for your Project. 

  • This includes the Horizon period, the general horizon of your Project and the current period of your Project. 

  • After filling out these settings, you can create the Project. 

Another option

Another option to create a Project is via the Valsight settings > Projects > Create new Project


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